Himachal Pradesh Government has set up a Special Cell for the placement of ex-servicemen (including disabled) and dependents of soldiers killed in action or rendered unfit for civil employment under the control of Director,Sainik Welfare Department.

The function of the Special Cell are as under :

(a) Maintain the records of registration of ex-servicemen (including the disabled) and dependents of the soldiers killed in action or rendered unfit for civil employment residents of Himachal Pradesh.

(b) Placements of the ex-servicemen so registered.

(c) Looking into the complaints relating to the employment of ex-servicemen.

(d) Ensuring that policy and procedure of recruitment of ex-servicemen are followed and watching the interest of ex-servicemen in the matter of employment.

(e) Liaison with Government Department in regard to policy matters relating to employment of ex-servicemen.

Registration :

The ex-servicemen can send their Employment Index Card through Record Office one year prior to the retirement for getting their name registered by enclosing the photocopies of qualification documents and trade certificates. An ex-serviceman can also register his name after retirement with the concerned local Employment Exchange. However, the Duplicate Registration Card (X-1 Card) will be dispatched to the Special Cell by the Employment Exchange concerned within 24 hours of their registration. The Cell has maintained Employment Exchange wise Book Records (X-63) of the duplicate cards (X-1 Cards) received from various Employment Exchanges. Changes of registration including additions, alterations, lapsing, placement, re-registration and so on, will be intimated to the Special Cell within 24 hours of the occurrence. The duplicate X-1 cards will be filled under each occupation, Exchange wise accordingly to registration number of applicant.  


The renewal period is for 3 years uniformly for all types of applicants. In their own interest, they should get their registration cards renewed well in time, failing which their registration will lapse.

Lapsing :

In case any ex-serviceman fails to renew his employment index card (X-1 card) within three months of the date of renewal, lapsing report will be submitted by the Employment Exchange to the Special Cell and Special Cell cancels his name from the Live Register.  

Reservation of Vacancies :

15% vacancies for class III & IV posts are reserved by the Himachal Pradesh Govt. for the Ex-servicemen and Dependents families of defence service personnel killed in action or disabled in action and rendered unfit for civil employment as well as disabled soldiers disabled during war and disabled during peace time with over 50% disability and who have become unfit for re-employment (provided the disability is attributable to military service).  

Notification of Vacancies :

All Govt. departments, while filling up posts by direct recruitment will notify the vacancies reserved for the ex-servicemen to the Special Cell. On receipt of the notification of reserved vacancies, the Special Cell will nominate one candidate from the appropriate list of panel against one vacancy.  

Panel of the interviewed candidates would be formed in each category. Due consideration is paid to the principles of seniority of registration. All the class-III posts/services where the requirement is to be made against reserved vacancies for the ex-servicemen are exempted from the purview of the Commission. Accordingly the ex-servicemen once interviewed by the State Level Selection Committee constituted by the Govt. for the purpose in the Labour and Employment Department and now H.P Special Ex-servicemen Cell are not required to be subjected to further interview/test by the Deptt. to which they are nominated by the Special Ex-servicemen Cell functioning in the Sainik Welfare Department. The state level selection committee after examining/ensuring the suitability of the ex-servicemen for appointment to class-III & IV posts on the basis of their record of military service draws a panel of those suitable candidates. The panel drawn up, will be maintained by the Special Cell and the Special Cell will nominate one candidate against one post from the list of the panel and the department concerned will accept the candidate for the appointment and issue appointment letter to the candidate within 15 days. 

Priorities to the Disabled Ex-servicemen, Dependents and Ex-servicemen :

List of the categories to whom various priorities have been allowed for the purpose of employment through Employment Exchange (Ex-servicemen Cell):

Priority - I

(I) Disabled ex-servicemen who have disabled during war time.

(II) Disabled ex-servicemen disabled during peace time, provided his disability is attributable to military service and disability assessed is over 50%.




(I) Upto one member of each family of defence service personal killed in action.

(II) One member of each of the family of defence service personal who have disabled in action and rendered unfit for civil service.


Demobilised personal of the Armed Forces (Ex-servicemen)  

Procedure to declare as a Dependent :

As per the H.P Govt. orders the following members of a family would be declared as dependents:

(a) Son, daughters and wives.

(b) Spouse, brother or sister of unmarried deceased soldier and disabled in action and rendered unfit for civil service.

(c) Adopted Son and Daughter.

Above said family has to contact the concerned Zila Sainik Welfare office alongwith the required documents. After completion of documents the case of the individual is required to be forwarded to the Director General Re-settlement, Employment & Training Jam Nagar House, New Delhi. As and when the individual is declared dependent firstly he has to register his name in the concerned Employment Exchange and Employment Exchange will in turn forward duplicate employment card to the Ex-servicemen Cell for registration under priority-IIA. Ex-servicemen Cell has maintained separate register to allot registration number to the dependent. On receipt of the vacancies from the employer, dependent person will be nominated after conducting the interview by the state level selection committee.  

After conducting the interview, State Selection Committee draws up a panel of those considered suitable candidates for class-III & Class-IV posts in separate categories i.e. General, SC, OBC and ST. A senior candidate on merit can be be nominated to employer as per procedure “one candidate against one post”. 


Driver :- For the post of driver it has been decided by the Govt. that the name of trained Ex-servicemen driver will be forwarded to the employer and the final selection dependents upon the employer after conducting the driving test in question. The candidature of the driver post is forwarded as per the seniority list of live register.

Clerk/JOA(IT):-  For clerks and Junior Office Assistant (IT) qualifying typing test is mandatory. Ex______ Clerks by trade are exempted of typing test.

Registration of name for three occupations :

An ex-serviceman/dependent can register his name only upto 3 posts according to his qualification. On nomination/appointment as a regular post on the basis of his registration for any one post, his eligibility for other posts will automatically be cancelled.

Registration for higher job :

An ex-serviceman is eligible to get the benefit of higher job against reservation and he can register his name in the concerned employment exchange for higher job according to his qualification, after obtaining the no objection certificate (NOC) from the employer. The ex-serviceman so registered will be interviewed by the state selection committee again on his turn for higher job and empanelled by the ex-servicemen cell for nomination against higher job on the basis of his seniority of fresh panel. 

Change of Status :

An ex-serviceman can change his status such as caste, education qualification etc. by way of registring his name in the concerned employment exchange. He will be eligible to get the benefit of his fresh status from the day he has entered his enchangement in concerned Employment Exchange. 

Disability Endorsement :

Disabled ex-serviceman should get the word “DISABLED” endorsed on his registration card at the time of registration of their name with the Employment Exchanges. 

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